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Due to pandemic restrictions and reduced workforce there may be some unavoidable delays to deliveries. Due to Brexit pallets and parcels from Ireland to the UK now need to clear customs. This is causing some initial backlog while new systems and requirements are being worked out. We are doing our utmost to meet our delivery estimates but please allow 7 to 10 days after dispatch for your order to be received. Allow us 1 to 3 days to prepare an order and dispatch. Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.

*Please note all prices shown in Pounds Sterling ex VAT. Delivery estimates are in business days.  When ordering more than the stock amount shown on a product page, please allow an additional 3-6 weeks for restocking.  For handmade encaustic cement tiles and zellige tiles please allow an additional 10-12 weeks. 

  * £17.06 customs per consignment to Channel Islands

Zone0-4.2kg4.2-20kg20-40kg40-60kgEstimated Delivery
UK (except Northern Ireland)£7.88£10.76£21.51£32.277-10 Days
Ireland (including Northern Ireland)£8.82£8.82N/AN/AIreland 1-3 Days,  NI 7-10. Days
  * £2.65 flat fee home delivery charge for all Republic of Ireland pallet deliveries.
  ** POA = Price on Application. Please contact us for a shipping quote for these zones.
ZoneHalf Pallet 60-250kgFull Pallet 250-1200kgEstimated Delivery
Zone 1£59,95£68,76Zone 1 (7-10 Days)
Zone 2£59,95£70,53Zone 2 (7-10 Days)
Zone 3£64,36£74,94Zone 3 (7-10 Days)
Zone 4£64,36£78,46Zone 4 (7-10 Days)
Zone 5£73,17£90,80Zone 5 (7-10 Days)
Zone 6£77,58£81,99Zone 6 (7-10 Days)
Zone 7£81,99£95,21Zone 7 (7-10 Days)
Zone 8£81,99£86,40Zone 8 (7-10 Days)
Zone 9£71,41£80,23Zone 9 (7-10 Days)
Zone 10£86,40£95,21Zone 10 (7-10 Days)
Zone 11£81,99£99,62Zone 11 (7-10 Days)
Zone 12£92,57£92,57Zone 12 (7-10 Days)
Zone 13£101,38£110,20Zone 13 (7-10 Days)
Zone 14POA **POA **Zone 14 (7-10 Days)
Zone 15POA **POA **Zone 15 (7-10 Days)
Zone 16POA **POA **Zone 16 (7-10 Days)
Zone 17POA **POA **Zone 17 (7-10 Days)
Zone 18POA **POA **Zone 18 (7-10 Days)
Zone A£28,21£32,621-3 Days
Zone B£37,03£41,441-3 Days
ZoneZone Definition
Zone 1B, CV, DY, LE, LN, NN, WS, WV
Zone 2AL, BL, CW, DE, DN, GL, HP, L, LU, M, MK, NG, OL, OX, S, SG, SK, SL, ST, TF, WA, WD, WN, WR
Zone 3BA, BB, BD, BR, BS, CB, CF, CH, CM, CO, CR, DA, E4, EN, FY, GU, HA, HD, HX, IG, KT, LA(01-08, 10, 11, 13, 16, 17, 21-23) LN(01-03, 5, 6) LS, N, NP, NW, PE(01-21, 26-38), PR, RG, RM, SE, SM SN, SS, SW, TW, UB, W WF
Zone 4BH, BN, CT, DH, DL, HG, HR, HU, IP, LL(11-34) LN (4, 7-13), ME. NE, NR, PE(22-25), PO(1-22), RH, SA(1-13), SO, SP, SR, TN, TS, YO
Zone 5DT, EX, LA(9, 12, 14, 15, 18-20), TA, TQ
Zone 6E(excl E4), N(,1,2,,4,5,7,8,10,15-19,22) NW(1-3,5,6,8,10) SE(3,4,5,7,8,10,13-16,21-24), SW(2,4,6,8,9,11,13,15,18), W(3,4,6,9,12)
Zone 7CA, LD, PL, SY
Zone 8SW(3,5,7,10), W(2,8,10,11,14)
Zone 9EH, FK, G, KA(1-4,8-18, 20-25, 29,30) KY, ML, PA(1-19)
Zone 10DG, LL(35-78) SA(14-73, 99) TD
Zone 11TR
Zone 12EC(1-4), SE(1,11), SW1,  W1, WC
Zone 13AB(10-16, 21-25), DD, KA, PH(1-2)
Zone 14AB, IV, PH
Zone 15PO (30-41)
Zone 16IM (1-9, 99)
Zone 17GY, JE
Zone 18HS(1-9), KA(27,28) KW, PA(20-49,60-80), PH(42-44), TR(21-25) ZE
Zone ADublin
Zone BIreland (Excluding Dublin) and Northern Ireland
Zone< 2kg2-5kg5-10kg10-15kg15-20kg
Belgium£9.63£10.72£10.91£11.36£11.923 Days
France£9.63£10.72£10.91£11.36£11.923 Days
Germany£9.63£10.72£10.91£11.36£11.923 Days
Luxembourg£9.63£10.72£10.91£11.36£11.923 Days
Netherlands£9.63£10.72£10.91£11.36£11.923 Days
Austria£11.09£12.28£12.55£13.11£13.664 Days
Denmark£11.09£12.28£12.55£13.11£13.664 Days
Switzerland£11.09 + £16.80 customs£12.28 + £16.80 customs£12.55 + £16.80 customs£13.11 + £16.80 customs£13.66 + £16.80 customs4 Days
Czech Republic£14.03£15.67£15.95£16.41£16.785 Days
Hungary£14.03£15.67£15.95£16.41£16.785 Days
Italy (Zone 1)£14.03£15.67£15.95£16.41£16.784 Days
Poland£14.03£15.67£15.95£16.41£16.785 Days
Sweden£14.03£15.67£15.95£16.41£16.785 Days
Slovenia£14.03£15.67£15.95£16.41£16.785 Days
Slovakia£14.03£15.67£15.95£16.41£16.785 Days
Finland£19.43£21.45£21.82£22.28£22.645 Days
Spain (Mainland)£19.43£21.45£21.82£22.28£22.644 Days
Norway€19.43 + £16.80 customs£21.54 + £16.80 customs£21.82 + £16.80 customs£22.28 + £16.80 customs£22.64 + £16.80 customs5 Days
Portugal (Mainland)£19.43£21.45£21.82£22.28£22.644-5 Days
Bulgaria£22.92£25.21£25.76£26.49£27.146-7 Days
Estonia£22.92£25.21£25.76£26.49£27.145-6 Days
Lithuania£22.92£25.21£25.76£26.49£27.146 Days
Latvia£22.92£25.21£25.76£26.49£27.145-6 Days
Romania£22.92£25.21£25.76£26.49£27.145-6 Days
Cyprus£33.92£51.34£83.43£120.11£157.705 Days
France (Corsica)£26.59£26.59£26.59£27.51£27.514 Days
Italy (Zone 2)£23.84£28.42£28.42£29.34£30.265 Days
Malta£26.59£36.67£52.26£68.76£83.435 Days
Portugal (Azores, Madeira)£34.84£43.09£56.85£94.44£94.446-8 Days
Spain (Balearen)£38.51£41.26£44.01£48.59£52.265 Days
Spain (Canary Islands)£61.43£66.01£67.85£72.43£81.606 Days
Italy (Zone 1)Italy (Zone 2)
10000 – 3900000010 – 09999
39100 – 3910039001 – 39099
40000 – 5899939101 – 39999
 59000 – 99999
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